IGT Salento

Grapes: Primitivo 100%.
Denomination: IGT Salento.
Production area: Apulia, Salento
Alcohol content: 13.5%


Colour: cardinal red.
Bouquet: intense, with a very long aftertaste.
Taste: powerful, rich, long, lingering finish.
Serving Temperature: 16°-18° C
Serving suggestions: ideal with sapid dishes of red meats, game and matured cheeses.


Most of the land is planted with small trees (around 5.500 trees per hectare), of which the 25% is cultivated to espalier.


Primitivo is cultivated on a medium hilly terrain: clay, calcareous to medium texture, from the rocky nature (karst rocks, sometimes emergent) is rich in minerals. The red soil mixed with limestone and siliceous rocks are present in thin layers over imposing monolithic beds rich in marine fossils that testify to their origins.


The indigenous grape “Primitivo” transplanted into the Salento area, is characterized by a cultural tradition of about 3.000 years that belongs to the Magna Grecia and Romans period.
The main characteristic of the grape continues to be the primary buds that although a substantial delay compared to other varieties can bring, then completes its cycle of vegetation in a relatively short time


Wine obtained from selected Primitivo grapes picked by hand during the first days of September. Their bunches are not stuck together and have some small berries with high concentration of sugar.
Primitivo grapes are destemmed and vinified according to some very new methods that guarantee a soft processing.